To Become a Successful Marketer is not that much hard. What you have to do is just follow these seven steps.

Marketing is a developing process. It’s all about learning marketing skills and practicing them. It’s not something that you are born with it, it’s something that anyone could learn. To be a successful marketer you have to be a good communicator because marketing is not just about sales it’s also about creating customers and keeping them.

In marketing you should know the people’s problems, you can help them by solving their needs with your product or service. It’s true that marketing can be hard at the beginning but you don’t have to be smart to be a good marketer, you just need to be a good learner and follow a few steps. So, let’s start with our tips.



The marketing plan is the process of analyzing one or more competitors and marketplaces to determine how your business can compete with them. A marketing plan should include numbers, facts, tactics that you need to achieve your marketing goals. It’ll help you to learn what you will sell, to whom, people who will buy your product and the tactics you need to achieve that.

When you’re making your marketing plan, know your company’s current status. Who are your competitors, what makes your product special and different from the others, also you should know your company’s weaknesses, strengths, threats, and opportunities?

After analyzing your company’s status, now you have to analyze your customers too. List their age, earnings, what they love to buy, their lifestyle, how can your product benefits them and how often they buy your product.

Your next step is listing your marketing goals like increasing your traffic 20% by the end of the month. Keep pushing yourself the sky is the limit, Just keep your goals realistic and measurable, so you can measure your success and improvement.

Now you have set your goals and prospects for your business based on good analysis and useful information. What comes next! is how to achieve these goals, what are the strategies and tactics you need to use. By knowing your audience, you’d know which media you have to use for reaching your audience. There’re so many strategies and tactics that every company has its own, you should choose a simple and convenient tactic for your business.

Now, you have to set your budget. You have to calculate the costs of your tactics and see if they fit your budget or not. If not! reset your tactics and choose some cheaper ones that you can afford. These were the steps to making a marketing plan. Your marketing plan is the way to achieve your marketing goals.



The focus is something you learn and practice every day. We lose focus daily that’s why you need to be careful cause without it, your plan will fail. Having a focused marketing strategy on a specific market, and a specific range of products will grow your business, make it stand longer and drive more traffic. Focus marketing concerns your customers and the products/services you’re offering.

To stay focused, you need to know..

  • The number of markets you’re competing with (it should be one market under
    your brand).
  • The market dynamics and if your products match them.
  • Your competitors and market demand.
  • What you should get rid of from your products/services.

Never lose focus, always remember your customers. What they want and how
they want it, be creative enough to build a bridge between your customer’s needs
and your product.


  • Once you start your marketing plan, keep it going. To keep it going remember constant publishing your content and creating regular blog posts is always a good way to promote your business, that way your product will be on the top of your customer’s head.
  • If you get feedback even if it’s bad, respond quickly, and create a conversation with the customer to keep the communication between you and your customer.
  • Publish good quality content and unique posts to get the customer’s attention.
  • Know the marketing pathway available and its effect. There’re many tools you can use to make a great marketing plan. Try to know the best tool for you.
  • Figure out what method you need to use whether it’s radio, TV, mail or social media, then create a schedule for each method.
  • stay focused and use your plan, don’t let outcome to drive you away from your original plan.
  • In order to keep your marketing and business going, you have to know why? Not only why you’re marketing this product but also, why you’re the methods you’re using. Well, now how can you apply the butterfly theory to your marketing?.


Outsourcing isn’t always good, it’s good for some companies, some condition based on their situation and needs. I can’t tell you “oh let’s do outsourcing!!” that’s not the right thing to say. You’re the one who defines your company’s needs and situation, and you’re the one who makes that decision which is hard one. So, let’s try to make it a little easier for you.

If you’re starting a new small business, and you’re great on one topic, OK leave the other topics to the other departments, and just do your job. Now, if some department you have is lacking or doesn’t have time to do certain work, it’s expensive to hire top experts to do the job, and it’s even difficult to attract them considering your small business. The solution here is to focus on other business departments like creating a good quality product and contact an agency or consultant that can execute multiple marketing channels.

It’s become common to outsource your marketing team, but before doing that you need to consider that……

  • Outsourcing provides you with digital experts who worked with top experts.
  • It saves your money as it’s not a full-time executive. It provides you with cheaper Ad costs.
  • Saves your time needed to train someone or even train yourself.
  • You can gain new experience from it as well, such as knowing your target market and execute multiple market channels.

so now, if you have a well-established business, large business. You might consider having an internal marketing team as well cause internal employees to know your business better than anyone, you can make a creative marketing strategy. Anyway, outsourcing is a big decision for any business. If you use it on the right path, it’s going to benefit your business a lot. Just understand your company’s needs and how outsourcing can be beneficial for your company. It’s a win-win if you choose correctly. Now, do you think outsourcing your marketing team is a good idea?.



Some people think they should start their business with the “perfect” marketing strategy, which isn’t right at all. Sometimes good can perfect than “perfect”. Let’s explain, here trial and error applies. You can take one month trying like 10 different strategies until you find the one, instead of spending that entire month on one strategy trying to make it “perfect” that’s waste for your time and energy.

Try, try and then try again until you find one good strategy that can be useful for you. Taking action is always in trying something. If you do take action and try different strategies, you’ll get good results and sometimes good is all you need to get started. Take action to develop the specific marketing strategy that will results in increasing your sales, just make sure there’s a balance between
strategies that are made to gain new customers and those made to help the old customers. So, what’s better good or perfect?.



Network marketing is a kind of business where a network is needed for the distribution of the business. It’s very common especially among people who’re looking for part-time jobs. Usually, in networking, you purchase a product then recommend or even sell it to your friends and family. Also, you can recruit other participants and together make a group or a network. Sometimes, it works like a pyramid structure, the person who’s at the apex or the top of the pyramid lead people under them.

You should also be able to listen and learn from your monitor (the person who recruits you), it’s the company’s best interest to make you succeed cause when you do, it succeeds as well. Ask your monitor anything you want, and read your contract carefully before signing. After applying, you need to understand and learn everything about the products since it’s your job to market
and sell them.

Attend the company’s meetings and respond to its calls, which will help you understand your job and also to make new contacts. You should socialize with your customers, potential customers (people who can be customers one day), and your contacts. Social media can help you communicate with customers as personal interaction is very important.

Be patient with customers, answer their questions and follow up with them. You can even recruit some people the same way you were recruited. Build your own team, be helpful to your people,
answer their question and build a good relationship with them, and even give them a commission. If you have a problem with your team, you can go back to your monitor and ask them or contact professional help as a lawyer. So, how can you become a successful Marketer?.



We can’t talk about marketing without mentioning social media.

  • You can’t start anything without planning, right?. Starting a social media campaign without planning can end with a disaster. You should know your audience, how they use social media, what’s your message to them, what you aim to gain from this campaign. Social media can help you increase your brand awareness, drive traffic to your website and build a good communication between you and your audience.
  • So after planning your campaign, create unique yet interesting content. Use pic as, infographics, videos, and plain text content.
  • Use a blog, it’s a good marketing tool. Post your content plus your company’s events and campaigns.
  • Use platforms like FacebookLinkedInPinterestTwitter, and YouTube. Using platforms can help you drive traffic, reach more customers, and provides a better way to communicate with and understand your target audience.
  • Measure your success, use the analytic tool on Google to measure your progress.
  • Social media offers you the paid advertising and it’s very effective to reach your audience. You can create your content and lay it out for a larger audience at low
  • In social media marketing hashtags are important. Use a good # to stick all your campaign pieces together. Make it specific, clear and easy to spell. So, this a very short on social media marketing. Now, how can you use social media to your benefit?.

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Well, now you know all the seven tips to become a successful marketer. Remember to keep it simple, try and learn every day, and wear your smile. Now, how can you use these keys practically?.

Well, good luck everyone. Have a great day.

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